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The Galactic Empire is in Grave Danger and unaware of what s coming Can a group of young heroes find a way to save the galaxy and survive Young Lieutenant Jarra Carsean, newly graduated from the Rim Patrol Officer Candidate School, is given a small ship and a crew of misfits, straight out of District Specialist Training Can their young team come together and survive their first mission, a mission that becomes a much difficult and risky endeavor than anyone suspects it will be What they discover has huge ramifications for the whole galaxy and they will have to use every skill their team has to survive.Jarra carries with her a big secret that might well jeopardize her team or it may save them all and the Galactic Empire too.The first in the Far Future Sci Fi Thriller series, Defenders of the Rim Beginnings is a far future sci fi thriller in a world that combines science that just might be possible many years in the future with a Galactic Empire, rebels and aliens.Sign up for my Reader s List at...

Title : Defenders of the Rim: Beginnings: A Far Future SciFi Thriller (English Edition)
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ISBN : B073L7NN66
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : NVision Books 29 Juni 2017
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Defenders of the Rim: Beginnings: A Far Future SciFi Thriller (English Edition) Reviews

  • Vovchara
    2019-03-21 14:09

    This book is an example "How ... not ... to write a sci-fi" The most important part in any speculative fiction is a world building, careful world building. You don't go "... full retard" when it comes to things like technology or character abilities. It is even more counterintuitive, but the most important part in imaginative world building aren't abilities, but restrictions.Those are things like character not be able to get somewhere in time or phone home in time to prevent any kind of trouble. Those are things like emerging in a star system only to find an enemy already leaving and not be able to catch up, because of restrictions of sub-light travel and need to emerge from FTL to far away from any planet. Those are things like lack of FTL communication to warn of the next possible target.Same applies to a character, it is a lot more interesting to read about a midshipman on his/her first cruise than a butter bar getting a starship command right out of the academy.There are tons of things you can do to prevent the story to be a bland regurgitation of old tired tropes.

  • awe302
    2019-03-15 14:19

    This is a very good beginning for a new series by this author. I have read all of the author's Near Future series and find that I always have a good feeling after reading his books. The author's characters are very likeable, and as a reader one just wants them to prevail over the adversities thrown in their path. The book is a very fast paced read, and the story line is very direct. The author's writing style is concise and always relevant to developing the story line. I am certainly looking forward to the author's next book, whether be in this Far Future series or the Near Future series

  • David Adkins
    2019-02-25 06:25

    Unfortunately this book came with no information on the target readership. I pushed through most of it. It could have been a better story. I don't know how, I'm not a writer. It just seemed formulated, no intrigue. The main character was getting ready to cry constantly. And she just about loved everybody except those evil traitors! The character was just not believable or interesting. Don't see how this could be a series.

  • Isador Goldstein, The Dread Martian Bounty Hunter
    2019-03-18 06:24

    I just can’t read one more story about a woman who is the most beautiful, smartest, toughest, roughest, inteligent, capable, dominant, best pilot, best shot in the galaxy—excluding all flithy stupid men who stink at everything.It seems all these scifi books are written by women or for women or about women and I am tired of this meme. Sick to death of it.Oh...and it seems to me that too many “modern” books these days have covers featuring abnormal “sets” of male six-pack abs flexing and pulsating on half naked men. What’s up with that? Oh, and they seem sexually interchangeable.I mean—like, what’s readable these days?But Millennials seem to read and LOVE this stuff, because Somebody gives it 5 Stars, even when I—what do I know—find it Unreadable, nonsensical, and misappropriating the sci-fi genre for ruinous ends.I am sick of it..

  • Bill R.
    2019-03-21 07:15

    The Invincible Princess and Her Team of Super Nerds Save the Empire might be a better title.I picked this book and the sequel up on Kindle Unlimited in the hope of some decent military sci-fi of which I am a huge fan and will be addressing both of them in this review. At best these books should be classed as Young Adult though it is a far cry from Heinlein’s young adult books and it’s light years and a galaxy far, far away from hardcore mil sci-fi like David Weber's Harrington series, or even Jack Campbell books. It also appears to be a bit of a rip off of the Kris Longknife series.In what navy past, present or future is a Lt. fresh out of the academy given command of ANY size ship let alone a highly experimental cutting edge tech one that just passed sea/space trials and has yet to go on a shakedown cruise, top of the class or not? Then for crew she gets a bunch of newbies (FNGs for those reading this who have spent time in .mil) fresh out of specialist school. Later on we discover she is royalty…. so okay, maybe there is a little nepotism involved there, but what royal in his right mind is going to allow an eighteen year old close relation, third in line for the crown to go hopping about the galaxy with untrained troops, ie. no bodyguards. Granted she is incognito for awhile wanting to make it on her own but is too quick to pull her get out of jail I'm a princess card to get her way. So much for rising in your own merit.What little character development there is, is too stiff and trust and love given too freely in both books though book two is a little (very little) better. Good guys are SUPER good and bad guys inefficient to the point of barely being able to close the Velcro tabs on their boots. Waaaay too much stereotyping going on. Dialog is stilted and would not occur in everyday life.The plot is rather straight forward, simplistic and solutions to problems happened too easily in book one. In book two we see decades worth of R&D happen in a few weeks/months rather than the decades it should have taken thanks to the uber geeks. There are also too many just in time solutions and saves to pull collective fats out of the fire and let everyone go home in time for dinner. Wounds but no death for any of the good guys. I anticipate that they will achieve immortality status by book three.Then we get down to the ships, especially the experimental ones, scout and corvette size respectively which are able to put down opponents hundreds of time their throw weight tech edge notwithstanding. Ooops, the paint got scratched and there's a ding in the starboard shuttle bay but hey ..... we're okay.The story line had potential, it is sad to see it turn out this way. If you have nothing better to read, this will fill a void but it barely qualifies for YA status.

  • John A. Kossey
    2019-03-19 06:34

    *Beginnings* is a well-written, fast paced story in a new science-fiction series. Characters come to life and are credible. I appreciate the satisfying length of the first volume. It ends effectively without a cliff-hanger, yet promises more action to come in books that follow.Randal Sloan has a gift for producing engaging recreational reading of a high standard. I expect to purchase more of his books as they come available.