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Max Mars likes to kick ass, drink Antarian whiskey, and hunt bad guys Shes all out of f%ck to giveunless youre really lucky A genetically engineered super soldier, part of the disbanded Project Alpha, Max drifts the galaxy searching for the rogue operator who killed her creator, and spiritual father, Doctor Tor To make ends meet, she picks up jobs as a mercenary for hire until she can dispense the ultimate justice and exact revenge.But a stop on Orion Station lands Max in the wrong place at the wrong time, accused of a murder she didnt commit Time is running out for Max to prove her innocence and stop a diabolical conspiracy that threatens the galaxy Dont miss this action packed sci fi adventure Cyborgs, Mercenaries, Mystery, Aliens, and Space Battles A super sexy female version of Jack Reacherin space some random guy on Twitter.Note Max likes to cuss, if that kind of thing bothers you, these aren t the droids you re looking for.BUY MAX MARS TODAY Series Order The Orion ConspiracyBlade of Vengeance The Zero CodeEdge of the AbyssSiege on Star Cruise 239Phantom CorpsThe Auriga Incident...

Title : The Orion Conspiracy (Max Mars Book 1) (English Edition)
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The Orion Conspiracy (Max Mars Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • ReadingGrump
    2019-03-30 11:41

    There's few things less appealing than someone or something trying too hard, and this novel falls into that category. It desperately tries to have a "kickass female" doing "badass stuff", but it just never feels natural. As if the shoes didn't properly fit.By that point I didn't even care about the generic romance anymore, and all the rather doubtful points within the plot (and there's quite a few of those).Try harder next time. Or, you know, maybe don't?

  • Mike Nemeth
    2019-04-12 11:51

    Max Mars is bad. Bad enough to fight like Charles Bronson in "Hard Times." She's tough and engineered to stay that way. Author Tripp Ellis begins "The Orion Conspiracy" placing his heroine/hero in an immediate mistaken identity situation. Max is accused of murder, and everybody on this congested cesspool of a space settlement appears to believe she killed a cop. She's locked up, treated like garbage and prepped to become a longtime ward of the state or whatever the Orion station is. Initially I was confused by the scenario. Was Ellis using a flashback? Were we, the readers, looking through the future past? Had Max died and this was a long-winded way of going back over her resurrection? Hell no on all accounts. I don't know what I was thinking. But let me put it this way, I'm on book five or six now. These aren't all that long. At some point, I noticed Tripp promotes them as novellas. (Or is that Amazon?) Anyway, they're about the length of an Edgar Rice Burroughs book, one with a Frank Frazetta cover. (Frank was the one who got me reading the Pellucidar series, forever transforming my life. And, yeah, I know most anybody who would read any of my reviews likely has no idea who I'm talking about since I'm getting old as dirt, born in 1960. But that's my analogy and I'm sticking to it.) Ellis did drive me a little nuts with a couple misused words and using that instead of who. But long ago I decided to forgo that kind of concern if the story carried me along. And I've got to say, Max Mars does the trick. Ellis writes like he's been crafting scripts for high-octane television shows. And he includes none of the soap operatic elements of many sci-fi or high-concept TV. Yeesh. So, like I was saying, the dude knows how to move a story along. Max is part of a long-dead program. She was developed to fight for the armed forces in a specialized division. Her creator/mentor has been murdered, and she's looking for his killer. But that's just the overview. Ellis doesn't have her agonize much over her quest for revenge. He does slowly develop her character over the next several books. In this first one, he reveals how she can heal faster, fight better and blend in better with added genetic enhancements. And that's cool. And the story arc is pretty satisfying. Ellis chronicles action like he was born to write it. I'm continually intrigued by the way he plots each pivotal scene. These are great for snatch reading. Like when you just have a half hour. I only gave this a four because of the that/who thing. Otherwise, Ellis is a welcome addition to my electronic library.

  • Walter D
    2019-04-14 07:52

    This book was terrible. I got to 92% and had to stop. I was hopping the main character would get her head blown off (she had a gun to her head when I stopped) and put me out of my misery.The story idea was good, but the writing was just bad.I don't want to add spoilers, so will stop here.

  • Joe O'Brien
    2019-04-22 13:05

    Fun story. As billed; the story is a simple sci-fi pulp romp. The bad guys are referred to as thugs (may have had numbers, but certainly no names), and the good guys never swear. Mr. Ellis is a good enough writer to make sure the story moves along, and is fun enough to keep my interest. The book is very much worth the price of admission.

  • Dewey Henize
    2019-03-29 06:46

    Lot of fun to read, so recommended. Not someting to get too engrossed in, sadly, but the character was a lot of fun to follow. Forget the whiskey! A little too formula, but that might have been what Tripp was shooting for.We'll read it and pass it around though, and probably go for book 2.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-16 09:07

    Aug 17th, 2017 I received this book yesterday & I finished it today. It was great fun - a very good read. "Disclaimer:" I'm a 77 yr old male. Buy the book - it should be a tremendous series.