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Tam, gdzie Lucy Walker, rezyserka dokumentu o rywalizacji amerykanskich gwiazd snowboardu Kevina Pearce a i Shauna White a powinna wylaczyc kamere, nie zatrzymuje jej Spoglada na sport ekstremalny nie z perspektywy trik w, medali i olimpijskiego zlota, ale uraz w kregoslupa, spiaczki i wielokrotnych, otwartych zlaman Przysluchuje sie rodzinnym debatom na temat powrotu do sportu tych, kt rzy balansuja na krawedzi zycia i smierci widzi, jak niewiele potrzeba, by z treninguprzed kolejnymi zawodami wr cic na pokladzie helikoptera Snowboard w wydaniu hardcore owego half pipe u jest co pokazuje Walker narkotykiem, z biegiem lat oferujacym coraz silniejsze doznania zar wno przed, jak i za kulisami...

Title : Crash Reel: Jazda zycia
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ISBN : B01N2L440H
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Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Polnisch
Publisher : Mayfly
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Crash Reel: Jazda zycia Reviews

  • violet hunter
    2019-05-12 18:37

    Der beste und schrägste Vampirfilm aller Zeiten. Was Sie im Schatten tun wird hier eindrucksvoll geschildert in Bildern und Worten. Die unterschiedlichen Charaktere machen diesen Film so spannend und absolut sehenswert.

  • DJ AC
    2019-05-07 20:15

    This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Saw it for the first time on a plane in Australia, watched it again on another flight, bought the DVD in Auckland. To date, I've seen it 10 times and loved it every time and I'm not one to watch things over and over again. There are such clever subtleties that I notice each time I watch it that I hadn't seen the previous times (take notice of the actual name of the building where the Unholy Masquerade is held). They cover the day-to-day experiences we might all share, both humans and the undead, like doing dishes, but in a way that you'd imagine vampires would. Even they hate to wash the bloody things! They are multigeneration roommates and they really exploit their differences in the most humorous way. The DVD is fantastic! Even the main menu makes me laugh. It's an extended version of Deacon's erotic dance. Hysterical!This movie is so well done- the timing, the camera work, the improv, the music, the artwork the editing, the jokes, the set, and most of all the cast- just perfect. Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement were meticulous. Love it! So sad that someone didn't enjoy it because they failed to see the irony.

  • Miss-BookWorm
    2019-04-28 22:11

    I cannot believe how funny this mockumentary is. I do not even know how I came across this movie however, I have been laughing nonstop for the entire film. What We Do in the Shadows is about a group of vampires trying to fit in with modern-day society. The group is being followed around by a film crew who wants to record their everyday lives. I thought this movie would be low-budget, with bad acting, and cheap thrills. This movie is so much more. It contains everything from death, lost romance, roommate fights, and so much drama. If you're looking to laugh at a bunch of funny, drama-filled, and psychotic roommates- this is the movie for you. Please keep in mind this movie is not for everyone. The characters are so stupid & silly that you cannot help but grin. With everything that's going on in the world today, sometimes we just need to cut loose and laugh. I appreciate you taking time out to read my review. I hope you found it informative.

  • Kristine Bean
    2019-04-26 23:27

    Just when I thought I was burnt out and couldn't stand another cheesy, Twilighty, vampire movie, I finally rented this and it got fangs in deep! This is the 4th time I've bought this movie because my copy never returns. Consistent tears of laughter. It's my new favorite movie. Ow, it makes my face hurt. I was unprepared and astonished when I came across it. The fight over the dishes hooked me and enthralled with it's constant hilarity.In case of an earthquake or apocalypse, it will be with my survival library with Socrates, Shakespeare and De Quincy (speaking of the opium eater, this movie is addictive). I wish there were more out takes, more extras, more footage. Really enjoyed ALL, including the intro and art, the c. 200yr old band's terrible music. I covet the oil paintings and loved the horrible, hand-made, 'chore' wheel. It 'pokes' fun at all the vampire 'types', and werewolves. Flying into the air to fight... but ya got no leverage so...uh, you can really only hang there and slap each other. Then poor Vladislav, 'never gets the heads right'. He's a growling cat scaring Nick which is now my screen saver (thanks Beast). I want everyone I love to see it. The police performances were fantastic. Brilliant movie. Jackie and her penis envy. The whole movie, super funny.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-23 17:08

    Watched it TWICE in the same day that I heard about it. Absolutely love it!I'm a pretty serious Dracula/vampire buff - seen all the traditional Dracula's, the Interview with's, the documentaries, the made-for-tvs, the tv shows, the kid's movies, the Dark Shadows, the Fright Nights... I could seriously go on. Suffice it to say that I'd thought I'd seen just about every take you could do on the same old song and dance.And then What We Do in the Shadows came up in my recommendations.For anyone who's seen This is Spinal Tap, this is sincerely the vampire version of it. It's a strange combination of adorably innocent and blood and guts. If cute could ever be used to describe a vampire movie, this would be the time. It's funny, it's clever, and it's the perfect feel-better movie (I should know, I was feeling really down when I stumbled across it, I couldn't stop smiling as I watched it).All in all, couldn't recommend this movie enough. If you or someone you know is as frustrated about getting a fresh vampire fix as I was, suggest/gift them this.I mean, the case is PINK.It's awesome.That is all.

  • Todd M.
    2019-04-30 22:08

    I put the subtitles on so I wouldn’t miss any of the humor in this movie. It’s a novel approach to see home life from the perspective of the undead and the entire cast does an excellent job with it. Even the special effects are good and the whole thing with the werewolves was pretty brilliant. I liked them dressing up to go out for the night to get some blood and not knowing if they looked good because there wasn’t a reflection in the mirror. Pretty much all the vampire clichés were used and some new ones added like a quick scene from Coppola’s Dracula. It does have a few slow spots and some tedious humor but, overall, it was a good view and it had a few surprises and plot twists. At free on Prime you can’t go wrong.