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style text align center Un trepidante thriller mdico por el maestro del gnero, Robin Cook En Nueva York, un emigrado ruso se dedica a producir armasbacteriolgicas en su tiempo libre y un grupo paramilitar de ideologafascista est dispuesto a utilizarlas en un salvaje atentado Lostranquilos paseantes del Central Park ignoran que est a punto de producirse una catstrofe de consecuencias pavorosas Solo los patlogos forenses Jack Stapleton y Laurie Montgomery, protagonistas tambin del anterior xito del autor, Cromosoma 6,disponen de imprecisas pistas que podran conducir a evitar lo queparece inevitable Pero para conseguirlo no solo debern confiar en elazar, sino tambin arriesgar su propia vida y la de miles de personas inocentes....

Title : Vector
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Format Type : Audio Book
Language : Spanisch
Publisher : DEBOLS LLO 22 M rz 2012
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Vector Reviews

  • Peter Werner
    2019-03-20 16:27

    This is one of the better novels by Cook. The character of Laurie is not really credible. As a doctor she must be intelligent enough to judge people - at least rudimentary. As usual Cook's men are more realistic characters. The plot is very realistic - as we know now. And this is why the ending is a little disappointing. Maybe Cook was afraid of his own courage when looking into the future. We have to be prepared. This novel is not only highly political, reality has even overtaken fiction. This is why this novel should be read by those responsible for our security. Maybe they see the nightmare that is hinted at here.

  • Donald Mitchell
    2019-04-18 09:29

    Most writers set up the villains as pretty challenging characters (such as occurs in the James Bond novels). Robin Cook has pulled a reverse of that and put together some of the most incompetent villains ever. Despite their incompetence, they make great progress towards unleashing a bioweapon on Manhattan. This reversal added a comic element (not too far from the Keystone Kops) that made the novel much more entertaining than it would otherwise have been.The developing attraction between Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery is the other interesting plot element. Laurie meets someone and starts to get serious, which presents nice plot complications that you will enjoy.As to the main story, it is about as far-fetched as you can imagine except for the relative ease of creating the anthrax-based bioweapon. I hope that the details in the book are not too accurate. I would hate for this book to become a terrorist's training manual.The characters are relatively vivid. Jack Stapleton's ability to create disorder is charming. This makes for a good read. I hope that Robin Cook will write more novels about Stapleton and Montgomery.Cook obviously likes people, because he even makes the villains more attractive than they absolutely have to be. That slant on making the characters more sympathetic gives the story an engaging quality that will keep you turning the pages well into the night.One word of caution. There's some material in here about skinheads that will be very upsetting to some people. If you are easily upset by graphic descriptions of inhumane acts, this is not the book for you. Otherwise, enjoy!

  • None
    2019-04-10 17:16

    Many Russians immigrate to the United States, seeking a slice of the American dream. However, most of them end up being disappointed and disillusioned with capitalism and democracy. Cabby Yuri Davydos is one lost soul who is thoroughly disgusted with the so-called "good life." He plans to return to Russia, but before leaving, Yuri intends to make America pay for destroying his hopes and dreams by using the knowledge of his old job back home. He will grow and release Anthrax in Central Park.The Neo-Nazi People's Aryan Army helps Yuri because they plan to set loose the Anthrax in the Jacob Javits Federal Building. This group feels the Federal government is a criminal element stomping all over the Constitution. Two People stand in the way of Yuri and compatriots succeeding. All Dr. Jack Stepleton and Dr. Laurie Montgomery have to do is live long enough to stop the terrorists.Internationally renowned Robin Cook has been recognized for two decades as one of the reigning monarchs of the medical thriller. His latest entry, VECTOR, shows the grandmaster still has the regal touch as he delivers a blistering commentary about arms dealers, biological weapons, and self-righteous terrorists within an exciting story line. The characters, who were last seen in CHROMOSOME 6, remain likable and genuine as they struggle with everyday problems and insecurities while coping with what could become a medical emergency. This is a one-sitting, superb story that shall Cook's myriad of fansHarriet Klausner

  • None
    2019-04-20 12:19

    I have read every book that Robin Cook has ever written and I must say that he is one of my most favorite authors. He has been able to delve into current medical technology and produce frightening scenarios to thrill all of his readers. Unfortunately, his latest novel is both unoriginal and poorly developed. Both John F. Case (The First Horseman) and Richard Preston (The Cobra Event), have written current novels exploring the possibility of a terrorist attack using biological weaponry within the United States. Both of the novels dealt with the same topic as did Vector yet they were more original and better developed. While Robin Cook is lacking in the development of the overall story, he is also lacking in character development. Jack and Laurie have been popular characters and have appeared in many Cook novels yet we never see a change in either the perspective of the characters or in their relationship. I hope that Robin Cook's next book is not as big a disappoint as this one. If he chooses to steal a theme from other authors he should at least attempt to expand on their ideas and improve upon them. He should not release a shoddy imitation. If readers are interested in the topic of bio-weaponry I strongly recommed both John Case and Richard Preston.