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Lunacy, Alaska population 506 is Nate Burke s last chance As a Balti cop, he had watched his partner die and the guilt still haunts him With nowhere else to go, he accepts a job as Chief of Police in this freezing, remote town, where darkness falls by mid afternoon It s a big change maybe too big But just as he s beginning to wonder if this has all been a terrible mistake, an unexpected kiss with feisty bush pilot Meg Galloway under the brilliant Northern Lights lifts his spirit and convinces him to stay a little longer.However, when Nate uncovers an old unsolved crime, he discovers that Lunacy isn t quite the sleepy little backwater he imagined And his discovery will threaten the new life and the new love he never dreamed he d find ....

Title : Northern Lights (English Edition)
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : Piatkus 2 Oktober 2008
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Northern Lights (English Edition) Reviews

  • Ulrike Uhlig
    2019-03-06 17:34

    Are deceptive. Turns out to be suspense of the fine art. Couldn't put it aside for long to see wether my personal tip on the bad guy would be right.... perfect read!

  • Donald Mitchell
    2019-02-24 11:35

    Lunacy, Alaska is the kind of place where the weather turns everything on its head. The sun is either always down . . . or always up. The cold is almost always a presence. A little storm can dump 4 feet of show suddenly. A little jaunt can turn deadly if you aren't cautious.When the weather isn't providing such extremes, the wild animals are. Don't face down an angry moose or a hungry black bear!The demographics are also unusual . . . there are a lot more men than woman, which can mean that the women can play the field while the men have to be loyal.Travel isn't simple. You use snowshoes, land planes on frozen rivers and fly hundreds of miles for ordinary shopping.Is it any wonder that tempers can get short, disagreements can get out-of-hand, and families find themselves in conflict with one another?With Alaska as the main character in this book, Ms. Roberts turns what would normally be a pretty average romance/murder mystery story into an intriguing one.Nate Burke was a good cop . . . so good that it cost him his marriage. Distracted by the loss of his wife, Nate Burke even begins to doubt he can be a good cop again. Running away becomes attractive, and he takes the job as police chief in the small town of Lunacy, Alaska. As soon as he arrives, he realizes that he's out of his depth and may not last the winter.Two women immediately begin vying for his attention and his attractive body. That's enough to make most men come alive . . . but it's even more significant when they both turn out to be untamed . . . and are mother and daughter.While he's dealing with the possibility of love, Nate finds himself drawn into solving an old, unsuspected murder . . . while realizing that the killer must still be in Lunacy.How will it all turn out? You'll spend over 500 interesting pages finding out. At the end, you'll feel rewarded for your effort . . . whether you are a romance or a mystery buff. The book is above average from both perspectives.I would have graded the book higher but I found that it didn't move quite fast enough for me, and the Nate Burke character was a little too predictable. Meg Callaway, on the other hand, is an original and fascinating heroine whom you will greatly enjoy.

  • LoveLetter Magazin
    2019-03-10 11:15

    Nate Burke war Polizist in Baltimore, als er bei einem Schusswechsel verwundet wurde und seinen Partner verlor, was ihn in eine schwere Krise stürzte. Das Angebot, Polizeichef im kleinen Ort Lunacy, Alaska, zu werden, wies ihm deshalb einen Weg zur Flucht. Jetzt nimmt er seinen Dienst im tiefsten Winter auf. Die Konfrontation mit der eisigen Landschaft, der rauen Witterung und den teils eigenwilligen Einwohnern böte Ablenkung genug. Wirklich auf andere Gedanken bringt Nate aber die Buschpilotin Meg Galloway. Als in einer Eishöhle eine Leiche entdeckt wird, stellt sich schnell heraus, dass es sich bei dem Toten um Megs Vater handelt. Er war Jahre zuvor von einem auf den anderen Tag verschwunden. Da es sich eindeutig um Mord handelt, bittet Meg Nate Ermittlungen anzustellen.Obwohl die Aufklärung des Verbrechens ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Romans ist, spielt das Schicksal des Protagonisten doch die zentrale Rolle. Erwartungsvoll beobachtet der Leser, ob es Nate gelingt, sich allein aus seinem tiefen Loch zu hieven. Der innere Kampf, sich nicht vollends hängen zu lassen, sondern die Tage wieder aktiv in Angriff zu nehmen, wird eindrücklich geschildert. Mit Meg ist ihm eine selbstbewusste, emanzipierte Frau zur Seite gestellt. Der Kriminalfall wird aber nicht stiefmütterlich behandelt. Die Suche nach dem Täter, der seit Jahren unerkannt in der Gemeinde weilt, ist ebenso fesselnd wie der Rest der Erzählung. Besonders erwähnenswert ist der außergewöhnliche Schauplatz, das wildromantische Alaska. Eine exzellent erzählte Geschichte über einen Mann auf dem Weg zurück ins Leben und die Jagd nach einem eiskalten Killer. (TD)

  • Lea
    2019-03-06 12:39

    Frankly, I didn't have too high expectations of somebody who pours out novel after novel - but then I was looking for a light read and picked up this one in a bookshop: a pleasant surprise!! A really good mixture of romance and detective story, a good plot, interesting figures, multilayered, evolving, wounded: the committed Baltimore detective (the lone wolfe type) relocating to Alaska after a tragic accident that left one of his colleagues dead, the fiercely independent lady pilot, her 'man-eater' ageing mother, the colourful locals... all very likeable and touching. The romance side seems to me stronger than the thriller side of the novel - but then both are more than good enough for a wonderful weekend on a long-chair! For some reasons Roberts is often classified under "light" fiction - I really wonder why. Maybe she writes too much to be taken really "seriously"? Maybe her characters, the women in particular, are too unconventional and too many? But then hey! She knows how to tell a story, how to convey a sense of atmosphere (Alaska winters, brrrrrr!!! the small town's shock at the brutal killing of a harmless old dog!!), how to keep suspense hanging in the air, and send chills down our spines! Okay, she overdoes it here and there - but as far as I'm concerned, I'm in for more!

  • Gennemi
    2019-03-05 14:23

    Nachdem NRs Bücher für gewöhnlich reine Liebesromane waren, enthalten ihre neueren Werke eindeutig mehr Gespür für das Geschehen außerhalb der Liebesgeschichte. Northern Lights ist eine sehr gut erzählte Geschichte und gibt einem einen guten Einblick in das Leben der Menschen in Alaska, ohne dabei langweilig zu werden.