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KlappentextVictoria van Daisy Goodwin is een verrukkelijke historische roman, gebaseerd op de eigen dagboeken van koningin Victoria Ook de recente BBC tv serie Victoria, haar jonge jaren is bedacht en geschreven door Daisy Goodwin In 1837, kort na haar 18e verjaardag, wordt de fr le Alexandrina Victoria koningin van Groot Brittanni en Ierland Zij ontpopt zich meteen als een zelfstandige, eigenzinnige jonge vrouw, die allesbehalve preuts of traditioneel is Deze roman bestrijkt haar daden, idee n en gevoelens tot haar 21e en bevat veel romantiek en een heerlijk slot Absoluut een meeslepende roman , gevoelig geschreven, met verve en humor , aldus Amanda Foreman, voorzitter van de Man Booker Prize 2016, over Victoria....

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Victoria Reviews

  • SM
    2019-04-19 13:40

    Brilliant well written book. I couldn't put it down and learnt so many historical facts. I plan now to buy a biography of Queen Victoria and found this book as step one to the background.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-26 12:31

    The book is basically the TV show with just some added scenes. Well, the book only covers the first four episodes and the plot of the servants downstairs were missing, but still. Also, I believe even the dialogue is the same as in the series. So there wasn't much of a background story which I had partly hoped for but I didn't mind that, though, 'cause I still loved it.But as much as I love Melbourne, I had to desperately wait 'til Albert made his entrance at the 70 % mark, why did it have to take so long??That aside, this book made me want to learn more about Queen Victoria and her reign, and British history in general.I also look forward to the second series! Cannot wait!

  • Karielle @ Books à la Mode
    2019-03-25 10:50

    Most know her for her long-lived, powerful rule over Great Britain, but very few know her story outside of the monarchy. Victoria is a dazzling glimpse of Queen Victoria not only during her reign; rather, it covers the four-year timespan before she ever thought to ascend throne, to her first few years in.There's a really interesting dynamic between the struggle for power that surrounds young Alexandrina (Victoria's birth name), as well as her hard-earned path to ascension. A great player in this is Lord Melbourne, Victoria's closest friend and confidante upon King William IV's death—unusual because he was 40 years her senior—who would go on to be a hugely successful mentor in Victoria's most critical years. Goodwin portrays him as a charismatic, hard-to-figure-out character, and I loved the ambiguous but wholly intriguing relationship between him and Victoria.Victoria is also highly empowering; I loved reading about the obstacles she faced just for being a female ruler, and how she overcame them. Who would have thought, in 1837, that such a small girl, hardly a woman at eighteen, would end up ruling the world?While well researched, this novel isn't bogged down with facts or a timeline of events that usually makes historical fiction difficult for me. It felt like a natural story, specifically about Victoria's development in her teenage years and early adulthood. It portrays the Queen in a relatable, human light—a perspective I've never seen before, and appreciate extremely. This is a very approachable account of the more intimate details of Victoria's life; Anglican history buffs and romance lovers alike will really enjoy this.Pros: Story flows well and the ending is satisfying // Many points of rising action and tension // Well-fleshed characters: Victoria is easy to sympathize with and Lord Melbourne is fascinating // A great historical perspective of an endearing characterCons: Some parts are melodramatic (not that they're overly dramatic, but the characters just act really scandalized over the smallest things) // I wish the subplot with Victoria's domineering mother had been more developed in the latter half of the bookVerdict: Less of an all-encompassing biopic and more of a glimmering coming-of-age story of one of the most powerful female rulers in history, Victoria is a historical drama that paints a vivid picture of the Queen's earliest, most transformative years. Daisy Goodwin is a natural storyteller; lovers of all things British Royalty will eat this book up. Equal parts political examination and budding romance, it left me thinking: What a beautiful novel. If you're curious about Queen Victoria as a person rather than just her political roles, go pick this up immediately.Rating: 7 out of 10 hearts (3.5 stars): Not perfect, but overall enjoyable; would recommend, but borrow a copy before you buy!Source: Complimentary copy provided by publicist via publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review (thank you, SheSpeaks and St. Martin's Press!)

  • J. Emrick
    2019-03-22 14:31

    Usually a movie or series does not or cannot cover all the material in the source novel. That is not the case here. If you have not seen the series, you will find this novel enjoyable enough. But if you have seen it, there is little expounded on here, if anything. The series follows the book when dealing with Victoria's life upstairs almost verbatim. The intrigue that occurs with the downstairs staff in the series is nonexistent here and makes me believe it was added to the series to appeal to the Downton Abbey fans. Further, this book covers only the first four episodes of the series, so if you were wanting more after viewing it, you will be sorely disappointed.I would recommend this novel only if you have no intention of viewing the series.

  • JTK
    2019-04-16 17:44

    Saw a new book by The author and ordered it immediately. Loved the two other books she's written, so jumped on this one. Did not connect the "masterpiece" reference until I got to the Lady Flora incident. I then realized that it was exactly like the PBS presentation, which I had seen and enjoyed. I continued thinking that there would be more "meat" because I thought that PBS adapted the book, but no.Nothing wrong with the book, but I spent $12 on simply the written version of the PBS presentation... aka screenplay.Bottom line, if you've seen the PBS version, don't bother with the book. If not, it is a good read.

  • meghan
    2019-03-21 15:48

    The reading public is eager for a fictional historic novel about Queen Victoria, but this isn't it. Hopefully it is accurate as far as dates etc., but I found it rather juvenile, geared more to teen readers. I read the American Heiress and wasn't terribly impressed, but was hoping for more here. Won't be purchasing anything else by this author.

  • Cricket2012
    2019-04-06 14:40

    Daisy Goodwin's latest novel, Victoria, which released November 22nd, is most definitely a must-read!! This book vividly brings to life the story of Alexandrina Victoria as she matures from a young girl into a woman facing the trials, tribulations, and joys of life, all while ruling a great nation...England. It's based during the 19th century with amazing attention to detail allowing you to visualize this wonderful novel as you read it! It opens to Alexandrina hearing the news that her uncle, William IV, has died and the ruling of England falls to her responsibility and she has some big decisions to make at eighteen years of age. So this beautiful and well written novel follows her life from that point through the 63 years that she rules as the Queen of England as well as the delightful love story between her and Lord Melbourne, her Prime Minister! Again, this novel is beautifully written, vividly detailed and flows smoothly-my idea of the perfect book! If you haven't gotten your hands on Daisy Goodwin's latest....Victoria, you're missing out on a great fictional novel!Please Note: I received this book for free from SheSpeaks and the above review is solely my opinion.