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Una trepidante nueva aventura de Dirk Pitt Un multimillonario desaparece en el Caribe mientras busca el tesoro del naufragado buque Cyclops El presidente de EE.UU recibe una misteriosa propuesta de pacto de amistad por parte de Fidel Castro En la Luna, un grupo de cient ficos norteamericanos desarrolla un proyecto de alto secreto Guardan alguna relaci n entre s estas situaciones, en principio, tan dispares En todo caso, Dirk Pitt, incorregible aventurero, se encargar de desvelar el misterio Pero antes tendr que sobrevivir a un accidente a reo, a las torturas que le infligen los sovi ticos y a una peligrosa traves a por un mar embravecido....

Title : Cyclops (BEST SELLER, Band 26200)
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ISBN : 8497931246
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Publisher : Debolsillo Auflage 001 1 Februar 2004
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Cyclops (BEST SELLER, Band 26200) Reviews

  • Stefan Werner
    2019-03-12 13:59

    Irgendwie habe ich dieses Buch übersprungen. Ich bin froh dass ich es doch gefunden habe. Cussler in einem ungewöhnlichen Element für Numa but nie aus seinem Element für Spannung und Aktion.

  • chlöisu
    2019-02-19 16:05

    Die Handlung um 1989 macht die Geschichte etwas unmodern, Dirk Pitt scheint trotzdem nicht unbedingt jugendlich, wie er eigentlich sein müsste.

  • None
    2019-03-04 11:44

    Cyclops was the first Dirk Pitt novel I ever read, and actually, that's a bad thing. Because it's the best. Almost all the other books are bogged down in between by scenes of politicians sitting around discussing what they'll do about the badguy when we know that that's toally unnecessary cuz Dirk will eventually just walk in and save the day. The story flows beautifully until the climactic Cuban island showdown, where Pitt fights Foss Gly. (an absolutely perfect villain, I might add) But the entire last third seems so tacked on and unnecessary and just an excuse to tie up loose threads (and to have really cool destruction scenes, which is cool, but still) that it threatens to ruin the story, and that's why Cyclops gets four stars instead of five. Now I know all Dirk Pitt novels have to have an unimaginable-treasure-that-no-can-find-but Dirk-manages-to-because-he's-a-genius subplot, but I really do hate it when the treasure has nothing to do with the exciting rest of the story. (see Sahara, Flood Tide, etc.) Of course, the worst was Dragon, when the object appeared to have nothing to do with the story, then it turns out that the plane had been just sitting there all this time with no particular value until it just happen to be an imperative aspect of the Dragon story, but that's for another review. I assume that all Cussler readers realize that the material truly belongs on the big screen, and I pray that Cyclops, almost more than any other Dirk Pitt novel, can eventually be seen in all its glory in theaters, and that in that case, the story will be trimmed and perfected for shorter showings and easier digestability. I will offer no suggestions for actors. Cyclops the book remains a spectacular read and Clive Cussler's best novel so far.

  • None
    2019-03-06 13:11

    I enjoy Cussler's story concepts, and the man obviously knows and loves his stuff as far as marine engineering and science is concerned. There's really only one thing I wish he would do: Find an editor at his publishers' who will tell him, Clive buddy, people just don't TALK like that. People don't talk in introductory adverb clauses and parenthetical phrases; more of them talk like Al Giordino. The only other suggestion I have for him is, now that current information and recent history have left many of his books in the 'past' (he 'raised' the Titanic in '1988,' according to his books' chronologies) he should do what Robert Heinlein did (with much success) and declare an 'alternate universe' in which the Titanic *was* raised (in one piece) in '88. Just finished reading 'Flood Tide' and his concept of how easily the Mississippi River could be royally screwed up, at least from human perspectives, is actually kind of chilling.

  • None
    2019-03-12 19:09

    My journey through the world of fiction has lead me to discover many excellent authors, but no one does it better than Clive Cussler. I first bought one of his novels because I thought the cover looked cool, and I have been hooked on him ever since. Cyclops is a typical Cussler work: the plot is simple yet contains many twists and turns that make putting down this book very difficult. While all of Cussler's works are superior, I would recommend Cyclops, Raise the Titanic, Shock Wave, Inca Gold and Night Probe as the best of his masterpieces. Good reading, don't plan on going anywhere for a while when you pick up a Cussler novel.

  • None
    2019-03-04 20:06

    Cyclops - steps outside the watery domain of Dirk Pitt "the ultimate adventurer" and ventures into outer space. Imagine a circumstance so dire that you'd close your eyes and wish for the end .... of life that is, not the end of the book! You'll be wishing that the book never ends.This exceptional piece of work was my first taste of Cussler's brilliance. It inspired me to chase down all his other books. The story may seem a little disjointed at first but it all comes together in the end.Warning - Use the bathroom and get real comfortable before you open the book cause once you start it - it's gotcha.

  • Jeff Edwards (
    2019-03-16 19:49

    I thought that Clive would be hard pressed to out-do 'Raise The Titanic' widely considered his best work...but I've gotta admit, 'Cyclops' does it for me. It puzzles me how some reviewers seem surprised at the seemingly impossible situations Dirk finds himself in, and STILL manages to escape FROM, and STILL get the girl. C'mon! As one reviewer already stated, Clive writes seriously fun books, but doesn't take the story too serious that it cannot have fun in the process, and even though you might be crying 'foul' in one sentence, by the next, you have forgotten how implausible if not down right IMPOSSIBLE the story has become, and you just continue right on through because it was written for entertainment purposes, and THAT is what 'Cyclops' does in GRAND Style. Cussler has written possibly his best story (although I have to admit Atlantis Found is right up there) and given us a fantastic tale that will endure well beyond the years. Unlike certain forms of music, and clothing, Pitt will ALWAYS be in style.As always, I enjoy feedback on MY opinions: [email protected]

  • None
    2019-02-20 13:57

    Clive Cussler's Cyclops is certainly one of the best Dirk Pitt novels in publication. It begins with great entertainment and rounds out with an unbelievable escape. Cyclops, like the best of Cussler's novels, never takes itself very seriously. Cussler knows that an action novel requires impossible situations-such as his base on the moon and near-nuclear explosion in Havana' harbor. But the situations always seem to be quasi-believable, much like the Bond novels Fleming wrote. Cussler always seems to have a knack for coming up with these situations and that's great because he packs each one into a wonderfully entertaining novel- and Cyclops is no exception.