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Santaf de Bogot 21 cm 278 p il Encuadernaci n en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada Contiene ilustraciones en blanco y negro. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y se ales de su anterior propietario....

Title : Patagonia (tierra magica para viajeros y alpinistas) (Grandes Espacios)
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ISBN : 8489969574
ISBN13 : 978-8489969575
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Spanisch
Publisher : Ediciones Desnivel S.L 22 M rz 2000
Number of Pages : 477 Pages
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Patagonia (tierra magica para viajeros y alpinistas) (Grandes Espacios) Reviews

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    2019-05-17 05:29

    Reviews of Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia" tend to gush emotionally about Chatwin's spare verse and quirky sketches of colorful characters. Others have claimed to have used his book as a guide while living in Patagonia. As much as Chatwin's now-famous travelogue offers pleasant reading, it still pales in comparison to other Patagonian travel books, including "Edward Chace, A Yankee in Patagonia." Chatwin also liberally hijacked ideas straight from previous authors, who made his journey and investigated the same people and subjects a full four or five decades before the publication of "In Patagonia." What's more, the locals down there (and a Ph.D candidate in Patagonia history I met on my journeys) hate Chatwin, claiming he was sloppy with his facts about their relatives. Chatwin's name in Patagonia is as popular as General Sherman's in Atlanta. So don't get overwhelmed by the Chatwin hype. Browse the Patagonian classics you'll find on most library shelves first, then reread this so-called masterpiece. Comparative shopping is worth the effort here.

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    2019-05-18 06:29

    I am just back from a far too brief whirlwind trip to Patagonia and even though all the guide books correctly advise reading In Patagonia before going. I had had no time. Bruce Chatwin places a human experiences context around the faintly disturbing sights and odd feelings todays visitors will have but can't fully understand. There has been little change there since Bruce Chatwin wrote about this amazing place in the 1970's. Only a thin veneer of new tourist facilities on the frame of remotness and lonliness that seems to haunt the semi ghost towns and desolate landscapes. Bruce Chatwin's in-depth experiences breathe life into untold stories and feelings that seem unapproachable to the visitor on a timetable. I wanted the book to go on and on with story after story to illuminate my memories and understanding of Patagonia. I delighted in every chapter.

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    2019-05-13 02:29

    Diese Sammlung von Erlebnisberichten und Recherchen über die Geschichte und Kultur Südamerikas (nicht nur Patagoniens!) ist vielleicht nicht so populär wie die "Traumpfade", dafür aber fundierter und lehrreicher als alle anderen Bücher Chatwins.Dass dabei seine Hintersinnigkeit und sein Sinn für die Absurditäten des Lebens nicht zu kurz kommen, erwartet ohnehin jeder, der Chatwin kennt. Dabei versucht er nie, zu gefallen, sondern begeistert nur durch seine präzise und elegante Sprache.Absolut lesenswert. Auch wenn man (noch) nicht weiss, wo Patagonien liegt.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-15 02:39

    This is a wonderful collection of tall tales, fiction, fact and bizarre anecdotes, loosely connected by their association with a sparsely populated part of South America. Unfortunately critics and publishers in their obsessive need to categorise books, called it a Travel Book. This was misleading, as are the claims that he reinvented travel writing or had some sort of unique insight into Patagonia, its people, history and landscape. Chatwin was primarily a storyteller, not a travel writer or an expert on Southern Argentina. His talent for the 5-6 page yarn is unparalleled in modern literature and this is as good as anything he wrote.

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    2019-05-15 03:49

    After three years in Patagonia, on the Argentine side mostly,Chatwins book describes it beautifully. From Bahia Blanca to Ushuaia,my first year I used it as a travel guide. Chatwin managed to objectively consider the Argentine with an equal eye, as opposed to Theroux coloniality. I made a lot of friends in Argentina, and reading Chatwin was like studying an excellant text before the exam.

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    2019-05-19 03:59

    In Patagonia is unforgettable. Chatwin creates a frontier of possibilities, and populates it with stories of the living and the dead. In Patagonia is about travel and transience, settlement and desolation, Butch and Sundance, Evita and exile, memory and ghosts, dinosaurs and loneliness, the wind and the land, Welshmen and Lithuanians, and beauty. Read it

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    2019-05-18 09:59

    What travel writing should be. History, observation and quirky encounters and tales woven together to create a unique form of story telling. With humor as dry as the Sahara the author reveals the unique history, people, geography and climate of Patagonia. This guy makes Paul Thoroux read like Fromer's

    2019-05-14 03:56

    Being Patagonia a huge extension of land, everyone expects that it's a vast and complex subject to write about. Reading this book made me feel that, in a certain moment, there'd be a shocking experience or kind of "revelation" for the author. But, as the chapters ran, I got somewhat frustrated and felt that, despiting his skills as a writer, Bruce didn't really try to deepen himself on the mysteries of the region, remaining in the surface of some sparses topics, like go in search of Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid's steps there, sheep raisers, etc... Anyway, it still had a story good enough to encourage me to take my car and drive some 7.500 Km from home and know Patagonia. I expect to write a further review after completing this trip (mid-March).