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Quo vadis Powiesc z czas w Nerona jest powiescia historyczna Henryka Sienkiewicza nalezaca do kanonu literatury polskiej i swiatowej Jej akcja rozgrywa sie w starozytnym Rzymie za panowania cesarza Nerona, w przelomowym momencie jego okrutnych rzad w, kt re prowadza do odwr cenia sie ludu rzymskiego od wladcy i zwr cenia sie ku przesladowanym chrzescijanom i nowej wierze Gl wnym watkiem powiesci jest milosc patrycjusza rzymskiego Marka Winicjusza do chrzescijanskiej zakladniczki Ligii Dzieje kochank w, nalezacych do dw ch zupelnie r znych swiat w, sa burzliwe i pelne emocjonujacych zwrot w, na kt re skladaja sie miedzy innymi ucieczki Ligii, jej poszukiwania przez Winicjusza, jego nawr cenie i chrzest w katakumbach, uwiezienie Ligii, wreszcie cudowne ocalenie ukochanej na arenie Koloseum Z pasjonujacej historii wylania sie obraz historycznych zmian, jakie zachodza w spoleczenstwie rzymskim pod wplywem religii chrzescijanskiej Zadna polska ksiazka nie odniosla tak wielkiego swiatowego sukcesu jak Quo vadis Powiesc Sienkiewicza zostala przetlumaczona na piecdziesiat siedem jezyk w, cieszy sie w wielu krajach niegasnaca popularnoscia, doczekala sie licznych adaptacji teatralnych i filmowych Jest jedyna powiescia polskiego pisarza sfilmowana w Hollywood w 1951 r przez Mervyna LeRoya z udzialem najwiekszych gwiazd wczesnego kina Lektura dla klasy VII Lektura dla szk l srednich...

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Quo vadis Reviews

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    2019-05-13 08:51

    OK, I've tried to read "Quo Vadis" several times and... man, I just couldn't dig it!! The descriptions are nice enough, if you don't mind the wordy style of Victorian times, but what rubbed me wrong was how the Christians vs. pagans battle was portrayed. The Christians are dull and pretty stupid- almost intolerably goody goody, and *insipid*! The pagans are bad, but they're bad in an interesting way. Sure, they're going to hell in the end, but in the meantime, they're so dynamic and fun- and Nero can sure plan good orgies. Read the New Testament and you'll see the early Christians in there are almost anything but stupid, and certainly not dull! (I imagine St Pete himself was a pretty exciting cat to know.) I get the feeling old Henryk knew that he had to write in the 'Christians' as the heroes, but his heart wasn't really into it. He really knows how to describe a party, and all the superficiality it entails. But the Christians in this book- they're NOTHING like the truly spiritual people of my acquaintance. They come across like Victorian stage characters, posing in the accepted holy poses, having visions in the accepted style of visionaries. (Angels come out and lights abound; all the acceptable props, you know.) So, read "Quo Vadis" for the gorgeous detail and ornate dialogue, because I can't say it's not technically well done. But if you want something that gets into the heart of soul of a spiritual/religious quest, than you'd better go elsewhere.

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    2019-04-24 05:56

    There are some foreign language books, like the Odyssey, or the Three Musketeers, or perhaps Ibsen, that endure lingual translations, despite the incompetency of the translator. Quo Vadis is not one of those books. Some translations are terrible and flat, while others ring true with the lucidity of brilliant writing. The W.S. Kuniczak edition is probably the finest rendition currently available in English. However, if one is looking for a biblical work of fiction that truly inspires in English- try Ben-Hur, by Lew Wallace.

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    2019-04-28 08:56

    This is certainly one of the best novels of Ancient Rome I have read, despite the pushing of Christianity which can be ascribed to the period in which it was written. What is really amazing, to me, is that, though written in the ninteenth century, Quo Vadis accurately describes Western culture today. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this novel should be required reading for high school students, so frighteningly modern is it.

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    2019-05-05 11:09

    This book is without question the greatest of the classics that I have ever read. Involving suspense, romance, death, and survival; it will lead you through one of greatest adventures of your life. I highly recommend it.

    2019-05-17 08:43

    but the melodrama is due to the time period (such passions) wonderfull descriptive phrases. I found myself wondering about the accuracy of the tale but my copy is not indexed. It reminds me of The Kingdom of the Wicked by Burgess but is softer and more consistent.