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Sir DArcy W Thompson CB FRS FRSE 1860 1948 was a Scottish biologist, mathematician, and classics scholar A pioneering mathematical biologist, he is mainly remembered as the author of ON GROWTH AND FORM, an influential work of striking originality and elegance The central theme of ON GROWTH AND FORM is that biologists of its authors day overemphasized evolution as the fundamental determinant of the form and structure of living organisms, and under emphasized the roles of physical laws and mechanics Peter Medawar who was the 1960 Nobel Laureate in Medicine called ON GROWTH AND FORM the finest work of literature in all the annals of science that have been recorded in the English tongue....

Title : On Growth and Form
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ISBN13 : 978-1987817638
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On Growth and Form Reviews

  • Dan
    2019-05-10 05:25

    Medium grey print on a light grey background does not offer enough contrast to the human eye for ready recognition. The actual letters of the words appear to have uneven edges to them. Thus this does not qualify as a book, but only as a "book-like object". Alas, it is too small for a doorstep and too large to even up a wobbly set of table legs. Its only useful function in our house is as fireplace kindling...but very expensive kindling at that.

  • David Board
    2019-05-24 09:07

    The thing about this book is you need to be a full blown intellectual to read it I unfortunately am not. I yearn to be but the sad truth is I am a low brow kind of reader. Never the less, while I could not follow the depth of euriditin I did enjoy the scope and detail of Thompson's narrative. If you do find you can read this book you are a brilliant man or woman.

  • Sam H
    2019-04-28 05:28

    Very interesting read. But be warned that the book is huge and as a result quite heavy (at least for a petite person like me). I would have loved to take it on my commute/travels with me but it would be a burden to carry. I often wish they had left out the footnotes (which sometimes occupy half a page) or made them smaller to reduce the number of pages.

  • Sile Bauriedel
    2019-05-09 07:24

    A fascinating treatise. Although some of the ideas may be outdated it is still a valuable book.

  • EtsySweaterTherapy
    2019-05-19 04:03

    Amazing book. Like a scientific Ulysses. Every sentence contains an un-footnoted reference or allusion to some other work--literary, scientific, or otherwise. Untranslated quotes in at least half a dozen laguages. Most of it is way over my head and probably most people's, but read on, let it flow over you and catch as much as you can of this late vVctorian polymath's immense knowledge.

  • Andrew Jones
    2019-05-01 08:27

    I have had a copy of this book since I was 16. I have given it as gifts, and believe it to be one of the fundamental books that has changed science and the way we think of the world. As you can tell I love this book. However, the Kindle version is almost useless. The tables are not reproduced in any readable way, and there are none of the pictures that are needed to understand the text. eBooks like this do a tremendous disservice to the Kindle. This could be a wonderful resource to have on the Kindle, but no care was taken in the transcription, and to charge for this is an outrage. There is absolutely no way that I could recommend the Kindle version of this wonderful book.

  • Ed cranepool
    2019-05-03 04:19

    This is an essential book for designers. It has value and significance in relation to almost every aspect of creative evolution. This man was a great genius.

  • Maureen McHugh
    2019-05-10 05:14

    This is the worst product I have ever purchased online.